I paid 20p for this?


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Who are we?

Who are we, the people who but live

Sitting in the shadow of a lie

Sitting while the days just pass us by

Waiting in the moment for a gift

Given by a man to good to be

Hoping for new eyes to let us see

Look not to the man but to the self

For in your mind grows a virgin seed

Let it grow and you will succeed

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Silent Song

Silent Song

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Riddle of Life

What is it that drives us forward

that threatens to drive us crazy?

Plucks our heart with just the right chord

and shames us for being lazy?

What gets us up in the morning

when our alarms don’t want to ring?

Fills us with hope without warning

despite what the next day will bring?

What keeps the world ever spinning

when you feel all out of life?

Gives you delusions of winning

and tells you to look past the strife?

If you do not know the answer

don’t worry for you are still safe.

While doubt may feel like a cancer

purpose will give you faith.

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Welcome to Romania


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Interior Design


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Art Attempt


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Podcast Dec 2014

I have started a podcast to reduce the footprint of my updates while providing more information for those who want to hear it.

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Going Forward

So it’s December and only days away from the realisation that I’ve wasted yet another year!! However have I? This year I wrote a novel and that novel has been edited and edited and is 68% through to completing the final draft. I’ve asked for the writer’s yearbook for Xmas which my lovely girlfriend is going to buy me and with it I’m going to start tracking down agents. I am ready to get this book published.

However this project has allowed me to learn a lot about myself and who I am. I think I may be slightly bi-polar but thanks to my philosophy, my lovely partner and the amount of exercise I do it has never been apparent till now.  I am only like this because of discrimination in my workplace that has me doing more work and living away from my partner while others live in relative luxury. I have a complaint pending; but when you have an issue with the system, you have to go through the system and… yeah. I’ve also learned that I am incredibly creative and in many ways and that with other peoples help I am unstoppable. I constantly write down a host of ideas and I day dream a lot about what could be. I have spoken to other creatives and helped them to think outside the box. I could not have written my novel without the help of “Dragonfly” who was constantly reading my work and encouraging me.

When I created this website in 2012 I had high hopes for it but felt like a fraud staring into a abyss of content. Low self esteem is a common companion to the human condition after all. Two and a half years later and truthfully things aren’t any different. I don’t have the talent to produce worthy content to make people interested in the same way that I cannot publish a book. No single man ever accomplished anything! But come together and then you have a chance. So I’m changing the game and changing everything for 2015.

I will list the coming projects below but I am going to be changing the values and aims of this website and the direction that it will be moving in. Firstly the website is going to become, or rather stay, secondary. Exploding Ideas is the identity but the website is not the place where the common masses want to come; it is an outdated concept and I have to take my creativity out there. Next the website, and all connected ventures, will no longer be none profit. I am going to invest my money into collaborative projects with the intention of paying people for their work and making a positive net profit at the end of it, so I can do it again and even slightly bigger next time.

Plans for 2015!

Sign a deal for Sariya (my novel)

Start writing a second book

Redesign the entire website

More content – mainly photography

A vlog! … maybe…

Start the film project: a collaboration with other creatives


So if you have a creative talent and would like to be paid for your efforts get in touch via newtalent@ I’m mainly looking for sound, animation and voice actors but if you have a skill let me know and I’ll see how you can fit in. And I’m not just looking for new talent so free lancers are welcome as well. I’m going to be writing skits for the next few months then plan to look through applications before tracking down freelancers.

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Through Roses and Nettles

Through roses and petals

Through thorns and through nettles

Our lives keep on turning

as we stand our ground


There once was a pauper

who lived in the town

he’d beg for your money

then booze it all down

Along came a rich man

all tight at the belt

he’d give him no money

for too him it felt

the pauper was spoiled

so caught up in dread

that coin would be useless

he’d help him instead


The man knelt beside him

and started to tell

his tale as a rich man

as he came from hell

I once was a pauper

who lived in the town

I’d beg for your money

then booze it all down

I did this years

my guts did grow weak

I saw myself dying

for peace I did seek


I threw down the bottle

and started to save

the coins in my pocket

the rich people gave

I bought from the farmers

and sold to the poor

to give me back a life

that I could adore

The money came quickly

and with it I grew

I then had more riches

Than I’d ever knew


I worked for this money

with sweet on my brow

Invested my efforts

in ox and in cow

Now listen young pauper

and take it all in

You’ve got to work harder

if you want to win

Now here is some money

that I brought from hell

Now you spend it wisely

and you will do well

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Time for an Update

Over the last month I have been busy on a job and I have dedicated a lot of time to my story. As such I have now completed the first draft and I have copy edited the entire thing. At present I am waiting on conceptual/developmental feedback from a few trusted friends to see if the story is going in the right direction. With that I can iron out any issues with the plot, characters and POV and then start releasing samples of the story into the public domain via the website. It is an exciting time but it is also very scary as I find out if I am at the level to write novels and whether I have the skills to entice an agent. Time will tell.

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