Sea Beaten Rock

The Sea Beaten Rock

Letters from the Past

Letters from the Past

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So where’s the ignition?

The Wild Sea

The Wild Sea


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Who are we, the people who but live Sitting in the shadow of a lie Sitting while the days just pass us by Waiting in the moment for a gift Given by a man to good to be Hoping for new eyes to let us see Look not to the man but to the self For in your mind grows a virgin seed Let it grow and you will succeed

Who are we?

Silent Song

Silent Song

What is it that drives us forward that threatens to drive us crazy? Plucks our heart with just the right chord and shames us for being lazy? What gets us up in the morning when our alarms don’t want to ring? Fills us with hope without warning despite what the next day will bring? What keeps the world ever spinning when you feel all out of life? Gives you delusions of winning and tells you to look past the strife? If you do not know the answer don’t worry for you are still safe. While doubt may feel like a cancer it’s purpose will give you your faith.

Riddle of Life


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