September is looking drafty

It has been another Month of hard dedicated writing and I am now at 85,000 words. The story has reached the last day and events are quickly snowballing towards its climatic finish that will define the end of book 1. As such I am set to finish the first draft in just over a week and will begin the second draft straight after. The website is still set to be neglected but the project is going well.

Dream Big



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After 3 months of continuous work on the story I now have just over 50 000 words and I am approaching the middle of the story. Therefore I am hoping to have the first draft completed by December 2014 with the hope of publishing by summer 2015.

I apologize for the lack of content on the website but hopefully I am moving towards a bright new future where everything will come together. It will still be several months before I release my first sample via the website but please feel free to subscribe for updates to make sure you are the first to know when it comes up.

Back to work now…

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Project Majik: The Introduction

What is Project Majik? As I mentioned before it is a concept or world that has been in the making for twelve years. I have always wanted to write an adventure from a young age and often fantasized about them. I originally started by writing a piece of lore. This lore was an article on types of magic and how they were developed, it went further to look at how the magic developed over time introducing a magic age after the iron age. It was from this that I moved onto the idea of war. But not from the usual perspective of a righteous war to stop the bad. Instead I looked at the concept of a war fueled by fear and misunderstanding and to watch how perceptions change after it rages on after generations of fighting. This is where the current story took form and this is where it gets its life from.

The current story suffers from years of editing and re editing. It carries layers of flaking stories that distort the old with the new. Therefore it is my intention to finalize the plan and to write the story from scratch. I will soon release a road map to show how it is planned to develop. This map will still depend on external factors: like it or not my work does not make my life easier and they will never cut me any slack. As much as I want to write: this is a secondary job for which I do not get paid. Therefore this project could take anywhere between a year and three years to complete.

So what does this mean for fans? Well it means that you will have to wait till I publish my book before you can read the full story. However I will be releasing up to the first half of the story on this website for early release. Obviously this may not match the final work, and will not necessarily be the final edited work. But it is there for you to enjoy. You are even free to leave comments and suggestions.

I have always planned to release at least five books in this series. This series has been the center of my dream and now that I feel that I have the skills to write it: I will. Project Majik will not be following the same Values of the website. The money made from it will be mine and I will be using it for myself. If I get enough royalties I will use it to become a professional author and to live comfortably. But if I really do well by it then I will be investing into much bigger creative ventures than just this website.

But that’s enough about dreams: lets look at reality. Over the next month I will be finalizing the plan and shortly I will be publishing the road map. Woot! Anyway that’s enough from me: I’ve got a story to write!

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Update: The Creative Process

So it is seven months since the last update and it is very clear that I have been distracted and haven’t posted anything relevant. So what have I been doing, am I creating and why is there silence?

Well there is a lot to explain both excuses and great news. I want to get the null bits out the way first. So I have moved addresses twice in the last 7 months and will likely move again before I reach 2015. I am working hard towards for filling a specific role in my workplace and pursuing a life with my girlfriend. There are specific skills and requirements I need to train to achieve this but I am also having to travel to in depth jobs that don’t give me the time or opportunity.

So this has been distracting me away from the website but also have to confess that I have been playing a spaceship MMO sandbox game which has become addictive, especially considering the hard work my corporation puts into playing the game.

So what have I been doing? Well I can safely say that I have been learning and developing. I have been throwing words into different stories both long and short and learning so much. Below is my progress on stories that I have written. I measure my progress by A4 pages written but I give an idea of what this would like like in a book.story progress


So what have a learned? Well I know that if I sit down and focus on an idea that I can easily get some good writing. You can already see that if I had focused my writing I could have published a book by now. I know that while the idea is fresh in my mind that editing it is useless. That if I want to continue writing I need a complete plan and that plan should have lots of flavor. And that flavor can take years of planning to perfect to the best of its ability.

I have learned many other things but these are most important as they are the basis of where I go next. The original plan was to take a new concept and turn it all the way into a new story, to use that story as a springboard for my better stories. A year later and these concepts are still concepts. Yes they are now plans, with lines of text forming stories: but these plans have holes, simple twists and boring linearity. They are now being shelved.

This brings me on to “The Old Language”. This story, this concept, is something that I have been developing and building upon for the last twelve years. And while I have developed stories that happen in its future (of no consequence) and in it’s past (making up its history) most of these stories all occupy the same period of time, making for a very dynamic plot. There are still things that need to be developed: I still need a name for the book and some of the characters aren’t 100% complete. But the shear scale of work that has gone into this project means that it has the best chance of being brilliant. Therefore I am starting Project Majik; and I will be releasing a post to explain exactly what that means very soon.

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The K Team

the K team

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Eve Propaganda

too busycarebearchurchpig

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A new year is coming

I am sorry to say that the website has gone down hill over the past year. After a year of traveling, planning and doing everything at once I finally had to put the website on hold.

As nice as the idea was, making a place for creative people come together was not an attractive one. Therefore I can going to turn the website into my platform for creativity and improvement as I slowly write towards my first book.

I will continue to post poems, photographs and stories. Maybe the occasional mad idea.

My fellow authors are still welcome to post on the  website and work with me to best use it.

I also plan to get more involved with my novels on the website to give readers an idea of what I am up to, if only to give me a bit more encouragement to finally stick to and finish a “first” story.

I am also going to be introducing themes to the website to make my creations less random and to group them together.

As it is both relevant, less demanding and I am still juggling a lot of things, I will start the new year by looking at “Beginnings” and show casing the work that has got me up to this point.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with you.


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Does The End Justify The Means?

When does the end justify the means? It is a difficult question that rarely finds any understanding. This could be because the question is ambiguous or merely because it is subjective. We always feel that the question is dependent, such that a different end will justify a different means. That it is merely a question of whether a path is certain. But to question this isn’t to question the task but more amazingly to question our very selves. If this confuses you then let me put this another way.

If a task is morally right then there is no reason to justify it. Justification only occurs when your conscious is placed in a dilemma. We often refer to this as being caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. You only run from one to escape from the other. You chose the lesser of two evils. Your conscious should kill you and make you go made with guilt. That is what the justification is for: to hide the inconvenient truth. That had you not had a choice you would never have had to justify it. So a paradox maintains your sanity.

You could continue to lie to yourself and tell yourself it was worth it to the end. Or you could just accept who you really are. In the end we all have to face the consequences of our actions. So does the end justify the means or does the means only justify how it all ends?

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Coming Back

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Proving a Point

Proving a Point

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Selfish Selflessness

They say that there’s a fine line between helping others and helping yourself. Whether or not your actions are done directly and selflessly or indirectly for your own gain. Now I’ve searched for this line with a magnifying glass in the one hand and a telescope in the other. It isn’t there; it can’t be seen. So how can we blame people when they cross an invisible line that doesn’t even exist? Because without a doubt nobody has ever acted selflessly; not truly. For that act of moral sacrifice they had a penultimate reason for their actions. Yes it could be done for greed or to show off or it could be done for reasons far less vain. It could be to bring self happiness or to save a friends life that you value dearly. But in the end the choice is for your own reason and for your own ends.

Growing up I was taught right from wrong like everybody else. Like everybody else I quickly found out that the concept of right and wrong could be easily twisted based on politics and opinion. Like the first time was bullied at school; I know that they threw the first punch and I was defending myself. The first punch the teacher saw was mine; ergo mine was the first punch. The black eye he had given me counted for nothing in my defence other to portray me as the fighting type. It took a long time to shake off that impression.

Around the same time a rich millionaire invested an untold sum of money into the school. They used the money to upgrade the facilities and to build a new wing to the school. Of course for this thoroughly selfless donation he got the wing named after him, a motif was added to the school crest and he was elected into school councillors. The next year when the entire school was trying to buy uniforms with the new logo and breaking the banks doing so: a new kid arrived at school. He was the son of the aforementioned millionaire and had been kicked out of every private school he had been to. Of course our school welcomed him with open arms and the board of governors even demanded that his record be seen as clean so that he could have a fair chance to fit into the school.

I guess the whole thing got me riled because I wrote a report entitled: “the corruption of charity” and I referenced the effect of the charitable donation throughout. The reaction was maddening. The teachers condemned me, the headmaster was furious and the son: beating me up became his new hobby. Given the teachers blinded impressions of me and the good standing that Johnny had with the councillors; I couldn’t tell on Johnny for fear of being penalised myself. In fact Johnny Barnes made my last few years of school hell.

But I have no need to dwell on the past. Three years after that report ruined my collage life; the same report landed me a first in my degree. Granted; it wasn’t the original report. There were more references and the argument had more balance. But I was able to learn that Barne industries had earned that charitable donation in one of many cruel ways.

I was planning on becoming an industrial journalist, but an even better position slipped right into my hands. Meet the new kid on the block; D.I. Forest, industrial department of the police force. Meet the kid that brought down Barne industries in his first year. Now that’s what I call payback.

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I’m climbing up this tower

A crude metaphor for power

Because now it is my hour

But the wait has made me sour.


I’ve been searching for goodness

But this is what I’ve found

A hidden demon shouting

While never making a sound

To climb to the top

Means cutting others down

Pretending to be honest

While smiling with a frown.

So let me tell you something

That makes me very sad

To strive for all in greatness

Is to strive for all that’s bad.

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